Tamiya Incorporated is a Japanese manufacturer of plastic model kits, radio controlled cars, battery and solar powered educational models, sailboat models, acrylic and enamel model paints and various modeling tools and supplies. The company was founded by Yoshio Tamiya in Shizuoka, Japan, in 1946.

The metal molds were produced from plans which had the concept of being "easy to understand and build, even for beginners".

The company has gained a reputation among hobbyists of producing models of outstanding quality and accurate scale detail. Its philosophy is reflected directly in the company's motto, "First in Quality Around the World". Tamiya Inc. has also been awarded, the Modell des Jahres (Model of the Year) award, hosted by the German magazine ModellFan.

Products currently commercialised by Tamiya include (toy and collectibles): scale plastic model cars, aircraft, military vehicles, motorcycles, figurines, radio-controlled cars, trucks and tanks.